Studio Albums

ARRIZZA - (2014) - "self-titled"

1. Prelude

2. Cuerdas de Pasion

3. Yalla Yalla

4. Waterdancer

5. Drifting

6. Ritmo del Alma

7. World of My Dreams

8. Star Traveller

9. 1ndian Summer

10. Una Noche Preciosa

11. Shores of Serenity

12. Illuminata

13. Jaranero

14. Into the Night


All Songs Composed, Arranged, Performed, Recorded, Mixed/Mastered by: Arrizza

Additional mastering by: "El Marco"

tracks 5,7 & 12 - composed by Kerilyn & Arrizza

track 9 - composed by Mark Barnwell & Arrizza


Lead, Rhythm & Harmony Spanish, Electric & Steel-string guitars: Arrizza

Synthesizers, Bass & Drum/Percussion programming: Arrizza

additional composition & instrumentation on "World of My Dreams" - Steve Durante

background vocals on "Drifting" - Kerilyn

Middle Eastern violin on "Yalla Yalla" - Tim Juckes

Doumbek percussion on "Cuerdas de Pasion" & "Yalla Yalla" - Shlomo (courtesy of Studio Pros)


Sound samples courtesy of: Splurgo Audio, SoundSnap, SoundDogs, Deepest India, Percussionism, Studio Pros  (Royalty-Free Samples)

SPECIAL NOTE: - On the song, "Star Traveller" (track 8) - I wanted to capture as best as I could, the feeling of an exhilarating cosmic journey through the depths of space. As a composer, it is sometimes a challenge to convey the emotions that inspire the music and finding the right touch to enhance the listener's interpretation of that experience. In the quiet section, one can hear the occasional "clicks" in the recording. This was intentional, as to emulate the sounds of outer space (shooting meteors passing by...etc...) heard on a radio telescope.



MANDALA (2016)

Sahara - track #9
Arrizza - Spanish guitar & Turkish Saz
composed by Mark Barnwell
© 2016 - Axe Calibre Records


"Guitarra Arrizza" appears on Spanish Guitar - tracks #1, 8 and 10
additional keyboards/synthesizers - track #10

1. Cafe Tierra (middle 8 & outro sections)

8. Cielos Cubiertos (solo section)

10. Ojos de la Tierra (middle 8 solo & outro sections)

courtesy of Mark Barnwell - (thanks amigo!)

MUEVETE! (2013)

Alma Caribena - track #8
composed by Fermin Spanish Guitar & Arrizza (Guitarra Arrizza)
Lead Guitars: FSG & Arrizza (Guitarra Arrizza)
Rhythm Guitar: Arrizza (Guitarra Arrizza)
percussion n' other music doohickeys: FSG
© 2013 - FSG -







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