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Arrizza (Guitarra Arrizza)    
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Some wonderful Latin/New flamenco musicians that I know: (check em' out!)  - Johannes Linstead - "Guitar of Fire" - Award-winning Latin guitarist  - Mark Barnwell - wonderful Spanish guitarist & amigo          - Al Marconi - Smooth Flamenco guitarist from the U.K.    - Victor Tarassov - Nuevo Flamenco guitarist from NJ - "Just Play" - Jim Stubblefield - "Guitarra Exotica" - Exotic World fusion Spanish guitar - - Fermin Spanish Guitar (FSG) - Passion and Romance from Spain to the Caribbean Islands  - David Gallegos - Spanish Nouveau Flamenco guitarist    - Troy Gray - Nouveau Flamenco (Rumba World Beat) guitarist from Arizona

Other great Spanish guitar artists & groups (many whom influenced my guitar style)

-   - Jesse Cook - Canadian Rumba Flamenco guitarist           - Pavlo - Mediterranean-style guitarist - OPA!   - Govi - relaxing Spanish/Nouveau Flamenco/New Age guitar from the islands  - Gipsy Kings - the legendary Rumba Flamenco Gypsy group from Arles, France  - Strunz & Farah - Great Spanish guitar duo blending Latin/Eastern music  - Guitarra Azul -  Passionate Spanish/Latin guitar group based in Chicago -  - Incendio - Amazing Latin/World guitar group from California  - Didulya (ДиДюЛя) - Awesome Spanish/World guitarist and instrumental group from Russia

Instrumental musical artists & groups (whom have also influenced me as well)  - YANNI - World-class New Age/Contemporary Instrumental pianist & composer (who inspired me long ago)  - Mehdi - Truly inspiring New Age/Instrumental music from the heart - - Omar Akram - Grammy Award-winning New Age/Instrumental artist & composer - Sajjad - Contemporay Instrumental/World artist and composer from Canada    - Secret Garden - Award-winning New Age/Celtic/Inst. duo combining Celtic magic and New Age beauty      - Loreena McKennitt - Canadian New Age/Celtic/World vocalist and artist    - Chris Spheeris - Multi-Instrumental artist, composer, poet, photographer and a true inspiration! - Jean-Michel Jarre - The legendary pioneer of the Electronic/EDM/Ambient/New Age genres    - David Helpling - Award-winning Ambient/Electronic/New Age recording artist & composer - Glenn Main - amazing melodic Electronic music recording artist from Norway - Dynatron - Electronic/Synthwave 80's-inspired space/sci-fi synth music

Meditation/Spiritual/Relaxation music                  - Sevara - Inspirational Yoga/Relaxation music - Deva Premal & Miten - Meditative spiritual New Age music duo          - Snatam Kaur - Indian Devotional singer/songwriter     - Karunesh - Ambient/New Age/World fusion instrumentalist, recording artist & composer

World music - Julio Iglesias - World best-selling Latin artist and vocalist (one of the first to influence me in Latin music)  - George Dalaras (Γιώργος Νταλάρας) - singer-songwriter of Greek music - Amr Diab - Best-selling Middle Eastern artist - "Mediterranean/Middle Eastern" - Cyrine Abdel-Nour - vocal recording artist of Middle Eastern pop music - Agricantus - Modern Sicilian music group with world and ethnic vibes


Other neat sites to check out! - D'addario Strings - Some of the VERY BEST guitar strings around! - Cordoba Guitars - Beautifully crafted nylon-string guitars and more - Strings and Beyond - Great online store for shopping guitar strings - "Point of Life" Acupuncture - Health and Wellness with TCM - Divine Earth - Online community of like-minded folks raising global awareness - Crystal Garden Designs - beautiful handmade custom jewelry located in Sayville, NY - SoulScape - Eco-friendly & Conscious Living Gift and Bookstore - "Sally Rowland" - wonderful visual artist from Canada (Guitarra Azul's CD covers) - Care2 - online community for leading a healthy and green lifestyle and taking action - SPACE.COM - Home of some of the coolest breaking news about Outer Space - LIVESCIENCE.COM - Groundbreaking news in science, space, and technology - National Wildlife Federation - Non-profit organization for preserving America's wildlife - World Wildlife Fund - The leading organization in wildlife conservation and endangered species - Mercy for Animals - Non-profit animal advocacy organization based in Chicago and dedicated to ending the exploitation and abuse of animals (animal cruelty) - Friends of the Earth - Non-profit environmental organization aimed at protecting our environment around the world - CEED (Center for Environmental Education and Discovery) - a local Non-profit ecological organization based in Brookhaven, Long Island, dedicated to providing a rich educational center for Earth science, environmental care &  awareness for school students and the common folk alike