Hola! - I would like to wish a most blessed and joyous "Happy New Year" to all across the world, welcoming in a brand new year and here's to new hopes, new discoveries and new adventures!

While the holidays are overs and things have quieted down quite a bit, there's still much anticipation and excitement for a few things to share! -

Donations from CD sales

As someone who strongly believes in supporting a good cause, I have always made it a priority to
take a portion (10%) of my total CD sales from the year to donate towards one of those, for example St. Jude Research Hospital, which was a part of my most recent holiday CD sale. I am happy to announce that about a total of $35 was sent to St. Jude (along with a personal donation of my own) to help support their ongoing research...that is wonderful! - Not only that, but an additional $12 was donated to the World Wildlife Federation (WWF), an ecological fund that I also support I wish to see our beautiful nature preserved and protected for future generations to come!

A heartfelt thanks to all those who have purchased their own copies of my CD over the course of the year and in the recent holiday sale...I hope that you enjoy the music as well as knowing that you have also contributed to something special - a little goes a long way -

New Music page - Bandcamp

It's been in the works for a while, but I finally got around to it and my music is now also available on the popular Bandcamp music website, where you can directly help support your favorite musical artists and purchasing their music right from the source - Please click on the provided link below to take you to my official Bandcamp page and start looking around! (Holiday sale is also valid on this page)

Arrizza - Bandcamp
A couple of vids have been recently added to my YouTube channel ( for your viewing pleasure - as well as a new section on my channel called, "Collaborations" featuring a few vid clips of the several songs I have been guest featured on. Also, the full video of the concert presentation is now available to watch! - ENJOY - (view below in the "live performance vids" section)

Also new upcoming events are in the works, please feel free to check in for the latest! (look under the "Shows/Gigs" tab in the drop-down menu above or in the "Conciertos" widget on the homepage).

Blessings into 2017, let's make it a great one! - Arrizza


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