Inside of guitar (with a sound port)

i'm sharing my first experience with having a custom-built Spanish guitar commissioned by American luthier, Andy Culpepper. 


Celebrating its first year of birth, "La Greca" (feminine form of "the Greek one"). He is an amazing guitar builder from Ithaca, NY who builds his guitars with the traditional Spanish construction. His years of luthiery skill and knowledge of the tonewoods has produced a beautiful and full-sounding Spanish guitar that has a lot of power and responsiveness in its tone.

In the Summer of 2017 and beginning of 2019 (exactly a year ago), saw the construction of my brand-spanking new guitar. The emotions of having something i've dreamed of since early 2000's got real exciting the day came close. I traveled with acclaimed Spanish guitarist from NJ, Victor Tarassov, up to Ithaca, NY (another happy guitarist as he also got a handmade Culpepper named "Stafilia" - Greek for "grapes"). After the pleasantries and meeting Andy for the first time, we went right into guitar discussion mode to decide what custom work i would like done to my new guitar.

Me (on left) and Andy Culpepper (on right)

picking my tonewoods

Early concept designs (rosette design)

My woods are ready! I found these from Luthier's Mercantile, one of the best suppliers of guitar parts and tonewoods.

On the next "In the Making of..." will showcase the immaculate construction of Andy's luthier skills...and giving form to the guitar. STAY TUNED!


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