Last year, the world collaborated together to send a powerful message in response to climate change. Musicians from near and far participated in their own way with live performances in a special "Turn Up The Dark" online presentation for Earth Hour. In the spirit of Earth Hour, I held a successful live performance "by candlelight" with only my guitar.

I felt it was a great idea, so once again I will be hosting an online live performance during Earth Hour via streaming on Facebook and YouTube (if it works) and playing a medley of my originals as well as some new ones from my upcoming project - In addition, I will also be debuting my brand new custom flamenco guitar built by Ithaca, NY Spanish guitar luthier, Andy Culpepper! - Very exciting -

Tune in to my facebook music fan page or my YouTube channel and help celebrate Earth Hour with great music! - online show starts @ 8:30pm EST.

Click on the links below for viewing the live stream.



October 07, 2018 @05:51 am

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